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Project management:

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Construction project management

Our Construction Project Management division, much like the Client side, can take any construction or refurbishment project from conception to completion, from the smallest of refurbishments to the complete construction of a new building. We organise everything from the first evaluation of the buildings or sites and monitoring the construction, through to the fit out or refurbishment and furnishing of the premises.

During the life of a project, we will undertake any or all of the following:

Initial evaluation of sites

To determine the potential of individual sites specific evaluation reports are produced to determine the yield, cost and timescale for development (in conjunction with the client’s architects and agents). Assistance can be provided to produce specific development appraisals to aid funding. The service can include the managing of the planning process.

Building and construction appraisals

We can undertake building and refurbishment appraisals as well as site evaluations to meet the client requirements. Detailed construction appraisals are prepared for all potential projects.

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Negotiations with owners / local authorities / heritage organisations

We can undertake detailed negotiations in specific authorised areas to achieve the clients' requirements for the project. It has a history of successful negotiations with owners and statutory authorities. Detailed records are maintained for all contacts/meetings.

Preliminary description / sequence of works 

Following the initial construction appraisal an initial specification of works is prepared and agreed with the client. In parallel a sequence of works is prepared.

Legal documentation

The partnership has considerable experience of working with legal firms to ensure that the practical aspects of the construction/refurbishment process are fully represented in the legal documentation.

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Initial programme and budget

We will provide a detailed programme for the development/refurbishment of the site (included will be the results of initial investigation of the likely effects of contamination and archaeological surveys) to include the individual stages of construction and/or fit-out and the associated budget. 

Professional team

We usually appoint the professional team members, with direct input from the client, usually by tender or negotiation. We use Advanced Design Management techniques to ensure the quality and timeliness of the design material and maintain the overall co-ordination of the drawings and specifications. The professional teams involvement with the on-site construction is planned and monitored.

Procurement / building contract

Management of the procurement contracts dependent upon the procurement method chosen - main contractor, construction management, management contracting etc - usually by tender. Review of proposals and negotiation of contracts.

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Building control / statutory requirements

We maintain a detailed library of the statutory requirements and monitor, as part of design management, compliance.

Ongoing relationships are maintained with building control officers - local government and independent - to ensure that any concerns are resolved.

Construction control

We have developed a detailed construction monitoring/control methodology which can be used to ensure progress and quality are maintained throughout the construction period. It ensures progress and quality is accepted for specific areas or items throughout.


We review and monitor the commissioning of all plant and M&E systems (including security systems). We ensure that all design criteria are met and that all statutory requirements are met.

Assistance with letting

We have been used by clients to assist the letting of completed space. This includes arranging test fits, reviewing potential tenant requirements and negotiating the practical aspects of agreements for lease and leases.

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