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Construction monitoring

Base build monitoring

The objective of construction monitoring - also known as base build monitoring - is to produce a service which provides our clients with protection of their investment, aids and records progress and monitors quality. This is used to preserve the timeliness of the income stream, on which the investment is based, and to preserve the value of the investment.

Aspects of construction monitoring can include the following:


We can assist with the legal negotiations to ensure that our client’s interests are preserved, and the rights to monitor the project are protected. This assistance leads to the inclusion of practical measures to achieve our and our clients’ aims.


Costs are monitored throughout the project to ensure both value for money and preservation of the budget on which the investment is based. With detailed monitoring, potential overspend is recognised at an early stage, allowing recovery measures to be introduced.

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Programmes and progress

The monitoring includes regular detailed evaluation of site programmes. These programmes show the stage of completion the individual contractors should be at, in relation to the time elapsed. Our years of experience enable us to monitor effectively all the contractors at any given point in the project.

Quality review

Alongside the criteria of cost and time, there is an ongoing requirement to ensure that the standard achieved preserves the value of the investment and provides protection against future problems. The preservation of quality on the project is often overlooked. Our service recognises this fact and allows the appropriate action to be taken

Other methods

The process includes detailed analysis of other site records/factors which can be used to determine progress and quality. These include labour histograms, crane hook time and site material holdings to give a more accurate representation of progress.

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The service provides in depth detailed reports covering all aspects of the project which can be produced weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Included are updated programmes, commentaries on site conditions, factors affecting progress and / or quality and proposals for improvement. These reports provide the client with a complete overview of the project.


We have trained, highly skilled site photographers who understand the construction process. Photographs are individually timed and dated, with the locations carefully recorded. The photographic log this builds up shows the state and progress of the project throughout its working life. They can also highlight potential problems and concerns.

Risks and remedies

The information is compiled in such a way that it is not solely a historical record. One of the main aspects it offers is to assist us to identify potential risks and causes of delay, together with practical measures to avoid or reduce the problems, thereby, aiming to save our client money.

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Co-ordination of design

We can provide an independent audit of the design (including the M&E design) at an early stage to identify potential clashes on the site, saving time and money later on.


Detailed monitoring reports of this type invariably contain potential for confrontation - which could defeat the objective. Our aim is always to avoid unnecessary confrontation and work alongside the main contractors to achieve necessary improvements.


The service includes the facility to review the commissioning programme to determine its applicability and effectiveness, also to ensure that all identified commissioning activities are undertaken, and that the commissioning is duly completed.


The monitoring team will check delivery records to site to ensure that sufficient materials are available to support the progress required. Checks will also be made to ensure the quantities of offsite materials are correct, and that they match the payments. The quantity will also be checked to ensure there is no surplus of material on or off site, which could lead to delays or even in extreme cases, theft.

Review of site

The service includes commentary on the site set-up, safety organisation and storage of materials, co-ordination of contractors with practical suggestions for improvements if required.

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