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Client project management

Fit out or refurbishment

Our client project management division will take any construction or refurbishment project from conception to completion, from the smallest of refurbishments to the complete construction of a new building. We organise everything from the first evaluation of the buildings or sites and monitoring the construction, through to the fit out or refurbishment and furnishing of the premises. This can include establishing suitable funding agreements.

Where possible, it is our policy to locate a dedicated project management team in the client's offices, enabling us to fully understand that client's requirements and working practices and to ensure the finished project exactly caters for their specific business needs.

We are experienced in completing offices, conference centres, gymnasiums, auditoriums, bedrooms, houses and apartments, receptions, restaurants, and all the necessary complementary areas, such as plant rooms, communication centres and computer rooms.

During the life of a project, we will undertake any or all of the following:

Establishing project objectives and brief

To clarify the client's individual needs and requirements against the overall criteria of design, building, time and budget, we devise a comprehensive programme, project brief and risk analysis, which include site investigations and surveys.

Legal documentation

The partnership has considerable experience of working with legal firms to ensure that the practical aspects of the construction / refurbishment process are fully incorporated in the legal documentation. In addition our project managers have detailed understanding of the requirements for heads of terms and agreements for lease.

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We can undertake detailed negotiations in specific authorised areas to achieve the clients' requirements for the project. We have a history of successful negotiations for agreements to lease and heads of terms. Detailed records are maintained for all contacts/meetings.

Managing the professional team

We help select (usually by tender) and appoint the professional team and ensure they co-ordinate their specific roles within the wider project.

Preliminary work

We manage the production of space plans, produce budgets, create high level and detailed programmes of work, assist with statutory approvals and consents, as well as oversee the tendering, negotiation and appointment of contractors. We will also help with the control and production of contracts, especially with regard to construction interface clauses.

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On-site management

We monitor the progress of the on-site installation, keeping track of project costs against budget, programme issues and quality. We control procurement and the interface between the professional team and contractors, ensuring that information is timely, accurate and co-ordinated. Where appropriate, we will assist in the negotiation of capital allowances.

We have introduced new techniques to ensure a more detailed control of quality and progress.


We monitor closely the control over expenditure to ensure that the costs remain within the agreed budgets and that no additional expenditure is incurred without prior authorisation by our clients.

Reporting structure

During the whole project, a weekly accountability regime is set up, with written reports including input from the professional team and principal contractors. These encompass building defects, building technology and contractual appointments as well as presenting progress against budget, and quality and programme constraints. We are able to back up our findings with accurate, clear and dated site photographs, taken by our own specialised photographers.

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Direct contracts

We manage those items that require closer client control as an autonomous project, with its own reporting structure, programme and budget. Items managed as direct contracts can include voice/data/security installations, cashless vending and furniture. This separate installation is closely synchronised with the fit out and relocation programmes.


Although technically part of our consultancy side, our own relocation management frequently works alongside the project managers to utilise our experience of moving clients and ensure a smooth transition between the old and new premises.

Post installation

Once the construction/fit out process is completed, we co-ordinate the quality assessments, tests and inspections of the work, ensuring that manuals include test certificates and as-built drawings, and that adequate training is given. Once the client personnel have moved, we will control the decommissioning and reinstatement of the old offices.


Office fit-out brochure
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Small projects brochure
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